Mathias' apt repo

Standard disclaimer

This is an unofficial third-party Debian repository containing packages that are either (a) not currently in Debian, but hopefully will be someday, or (b) are not in Debian, yet I find useful and have packaged to make my life easier.

While the repo metadata is gpg signed, you probably have no reason to trust what I package, so the standard disclaimer applies: these packages may eat your data, unintentionally break your system, etc. Use at your own risk!


I only provide amd64 and i386 binary packages and their corresponding source packages. If you need binary packages for a different architecture, you can fetch the source package and should be able to rebuild locally without any additional work.

Packages are available for the following Debian releases:

As root:

wget -O /usr/share/keyrings/calenhad.gpg
echo "deb [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/calenhad.gpg] bullseye main contrib" >> /etc/apt/sources.list

(Modify the release codename to reflect the version of Debian you are running.)


Since these are unofficial packages, please do not file bugs in the Debian BTS. You can ping me, and I'll help as best as I can.

Packages in official Debian repositories

These are packages that used to be available from my personal repository, but have since been accepted into official Debian repositories. Packages for older versions of Debian will continue to be available here, until official backports are available, or a specific Debian release reaches EOL.

Other packages available

NOTE: These packages will not be submitted for inclusion in Debian. You may need to enable the "contrib" and "non-free" sections in your sources.list file for this repo.

NameVersionDescriptionWhy I won't try to package officially
LXD4.0.8Linux Containers DaemonThere is an existing ITP to get LXD into Debian. Since upstream only distributes snaps, which I don't like, I will build a .deb until LXD is properly in Debian. (Only available in bullseye and up, due to dependencies.)
libdqlite01.9.0Raft Consensus protocol implementation - shared libraryAlready in Debian; backported version from experimental to support lxd packaging. (Only available in bullseye and up.)
MakeMKV homepage:; wonderful tool for legally backing up DVDs and Blu-rays.
makemkv1.16.5DVD and Blu-ray transcodercontrib While in BETA, all features supported with free license keys. After beta, only DVDs supported in free edition. Additionally, most underlying functionality is dependent on non-free binaries.
(Note -- non-dfsg UTF code was replaced, but hasn't been fully tested; feedback is welcome!)
libdriveio01.16.5MMC drive interrogation librarycontrib Support library for makemkv
libmakemkv11.16.5MKV multiplexer librarycontrib Support library for makemkv
libmmbd01.16.5MakeMKV BD decryption API librarycontrib Support library for makemkv
makemkvcon1.16.5Non-free components of makemkvnon-free Only released as a binary